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About Us
Formally established in 2018 as a company limited by guarantee, SRBS Alumni Association (SRBSAA) creates and maintains a life-long connection between SRBS and its alumni. In collaboration with an extremely dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, the Alumni Association works to connect alumni, support students, and build an unforgettable Institute experience through a diversity of events, programmes and services.

Our Mission
The mission of the Association is to foster strong bonds between alumni, students and the Institute, to keep alumni informed, and create a network enabling them to remain engaged with their alma mater and help shape its future through the Association’s programmes and services.

Our Objectives
To promote interaction amongst the Alumni members and improve engagement between the Alumni and the Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research (Institute).
To encourage, promote and facilitate education and research and other activities of the Institute.

Alumni Outreach
Building Membership: The Institutes’ alumni are its lasting legacy and strongest voice. Finding new ways to build an engaged membership base is an integral task of the Association. Joining SRBS Alumni Association (SRBSAA) is one of the easiest ways to reconnect, give back to the Institute, and serve as a springboard for further involvement.

How to Become a Life Member: Anyone who has completed one academic year as a student at SRBS and he/she presently is not a student at SRBS is eligible for life membership. Life membership can be acquired on application and payment of membership fees.

Initiatives and Services
Developing an active and engaged alumni network empowers both the Institute and its graduates. Whether our alumni are interacting with the Institute or its student body, attending events, working with the Institute on various Legacy projects or serving as volunteers, their contributions make a difference to SRBS. The Alumni Association continues to seek innovative ways to serve alumni by providing social, educational, and professional opportunities that appeal to our broad constituency.

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