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One of the main assets of the SRBS experience is its academic atmosphere. We strive to create an invigorating and innovative environment that is conducive to learning. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and design at SRBS helps students and faculty go the extra mile in context to a business education. The entire premise is centrally-air conditioned in order to leave no stone unturned when it comes to focussed learning. The campus is completely Wi-Fi internet-ready, in pace with today’s professional demands.

Spacious classrooms, cutting edge tutorial rooms, a language lab research centre, seminar & conference rooms and the latest computers are some of the features that will give students a perfect launching pad. Our unnerving attention is always dedicated to the holistic growth and progress of an individual. Thus a well stocked research library as well as a dedicated health care is also a part of the campus. Lastly, the Industry-Institute Interaction Program as well the Consultancy Research Program will help the students in gravitating towards a rewarding professional career.

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