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Internal Assessment

Internal Evaluation System

Assessment of performance is an integral and a keen component of teaching and learning process. As a part of the improved sound education system, the institution adopts Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) system to assess all aspects of the student’s development on a continuous basis throughout the year.

Our institution has clear objectives regarding reforms and evaluation in our internal working system. It is based on three thoughts of continuous improvement and learning.

1. Motivate or stimulate student of continuous improvement
2. Quality teaching with innovative education tools
3. Divert student’s attention to subject knowledge

Mechanism of Internal Assessment
The institute has taken various efforts to improve the performance of students by framing significant reforms on continuous internal evaluation at institutional level. Students are made aware of the evaluation process through the orientation program at the beginning of the semester through a public address system of the college.

Mechanism of Examination Grievances Handling

  • The college examination committee and all the members of it are always alert and careful to handle examination related grievances of students.

  • Students need to submit an application in writing about their examination grievances to the The head of Examination.

  • If case of internal examination related grievance, the examination head, after reviewing the application, schedule a re-counts and re-verification of answer sheet with concerned faculty members.

  • After the process of re-count/ re-verification, the results are being communicated to the students. The Examination committee tries to resolve issues within a reasonable time period.

  • If case of board examination related grievance, The exam cell immediately looks into the matter and takes necessary correspondence with University of Mumbai. These grievances are dealt with highest priority and resolved as soon as possible.

  • All grievances are therefore solved with utmost care to student sensitivity. College level grievances are solved within few days. The college is dedicated to provide students with time-bound, transparent and efficient solutions for their examination related grievances.

Adheres to the Academic Calendar

  • The handbook and the academic calendar are prepared well in advance before the start of the academic year by referring to the Mumbai University calendar.

  • In the very first lecture, faculty member explain in detail about the process of internal evaluation.

  • Every academic year consists of two semesters. There are 90 working days of classroom teaching in every semester.

  • The examination committee adheres to the academic calendar implemented by the Institute.

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